CA17129 – Catalysing transcriptomics research in cardiovascular disease

CardioRNA COST Action CA17129 is a collaborative pan-European network of multidisciplinary researchers, clinicians, and industrial partners aiming to accelerate the understanding of transcriptomics in cardiovascular disease (CVD) and further the translation of experimental data into usable applications to improve personalized medicine in this field.

CVD is the leading cause of death worldwide and, despite continuous advances, better diagnostic and prognostic tools, as well as therapy, are needed. The human transcriptome, which is the set of all RNA produced in a cell, is much more complex than previously thought and the lack of dialogue between researchers and industrials and consensus on guidelines to generate data make it harder to compare and reproduce results.

CardioRNA aims to provide opportunities for collaboration between stakeholders from complementary backgrounds, allowing the functions of different RNAs and their interactions to be more rapidly deciphered in the cardiovascular context for translation into the clinic. This Action will generate grant proposals to advance understanding of the transcriptome’s role in CVD and to translate findings into clinical applications, thus fostering personalized medicine and meeting a current public health challenge.

CardioRNA will refine guidelines for transcriptomics investigations in CVD to increase reproducibility of results, facilitating clinical product development. It will disseminate knowledge and allow capacity-building through different types of meetings, prioritizing students and early career investigators. Thus, this Action will advance studies on cardiovascular transcriptomics, generate innovative projects and consolidate the leadership of European research groups in the field.

This COST Action is funded through COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology), the longest-running European framework supporting trans-national cooperation among researchers, engineers, and scholars across Europe.

  • CSO Approval: 13/04/2018
  • Start of the Action: 03/10/2018
  • End of Action: 02/10/2022
  • Total number of COST Countries having accepted the MoU at the start of the Action: 24
Dr Yvan Devaux (Luxemburg)
Vice Chair
Prof Costanza Emanueli (UK)
Grant Holder Scientific Representative
Ines Potočnjak (Croatia)
WG1 Regulatory function of the transcriptome leaders
Fabio Martelli (Leader, Italy)
Thierry Pedrazzini (Co-leader, Switzerland)
Emma Robinson (Co-leader ECI, The Netherlands)
WG2 Best practices and experimental standards leaders
Louise Torp Dalgard (Leader, Denmark)
Paivi Lakkisto (Co-leader, Finland)
David Gonzalo Calvo (Co-leader ECI, Spain)
WG3 Development of cohort inventory database leaders
Monika Stoll (Leader, Germany)
Mehmet Birhan Yilmaz (Co-leader, Turkey)
Bence Ágg (Co-leader ECI, Hungary)
WG4 Dissemination leaders
Emma Robinson (Leader, The Netherlands)
Gabriela Kuster (Co-leader, Switzerland)
Ines Potočnjak (Co-leader ECI, Croatia)
STSM Chair
Dimitris Beis (Greece)
Science Communication Manager
Emma Robinson (The Netherlands)
Science Officer
Inga Dadeshidze
Administrative Officer
Jeannette Nchung Oru

COST Countries

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Czech Republic
United Kingdom

COST International Partner Countries

  • Australia

  • United States of America

  • Singapore

  • Russia Federation

  • Armenia

  • New Zealand (in validation)


Name CountryStatus
Aleksandra JankovicRS, SerbiaMC Member
Aleksandra KoracRS, SerbiaMC Substitute
Alfonso BuilDK, DenmarkMC Member
Amela JusicBA, Bosnia and HerzegovinaMC Member
Andrejaana AndovaSI, SloveniaMC Member
Andrew BakerGB, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern IrelandMC Member
Andrew WhittakerGB, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern IrelandMC Substitute
Angela XuerebMT, MaltaMC Member
Antigone LazouGR, GreeceMC Substitute
Antonio SoaresBE, BelgiumMC Substitute
Bence ÁggHU, HungaryMC Substitute
Bilge Guvenc TunaTR, TurkeyMC Substitute
Blanche SchroenNL, NetherlandsMC Substitute
Branislav KuraSK, SlovakiaMC Substitute
Branko BugarskiRS, SerbiaMC Member
Camelia Sorina StancuRO, RomaniaMC Substitute
Carlo GaetanoIT, ItalyMC Substitute
Christos PapaneophytouCY, CyprusMC Member
Clarissa P da C GomesLU, LuxembourgMC Member
Costanza EmanueliGB, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern IrelandMC Member
David de Gonzalo CalvoES, SpainMC Member
Didier AllaerBE, BelgiumMC Member
Dimitra DafouGR, GreeceMC Substitute
Dimitris BeisGR, GreeceMC Member
Dimitris KardassisGR, GreeceMC Member
Eleni LiapiNL, NetherlandsMC Substitute
Emma RobinsonNL, NetherlandsMC Member
Fabio MartelliIT, ItalyMC Member
Fadi CharcharAU, AustraliaMC Observer
Fay BetsouLU, LuxembourgMC Member
Florence PinetFR, FranceMC Member
Francisco EnguitaPT, PortugalMC Member
Francisco Sánchez-MadridES, SpainMC Substitute
Gabriela Kuster PfisterCH, SwitzerlandMC Member
Gemma Vilahur GarciaES, SpainMC Substitute
Giancarlo ForteCZ, Czech RepublicMC Substitute
Gianluigi CondorelliIT, ItalyMC Member
Gustavo José Justo da SilvaNO, NorwayMC Member
Hanna DellagoAT, AustriaMC Substitute
Iain B SquireGB, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern IrelandMC Substitute
Ines PotočnjakHR, CroatiaMC Member
Jan HellemansBE, BelgiumMC Member
Johannes WinklerAT, AustriaMC Substitute
Josune OrbeES, SpainMC Substitute
Kanita HadziabdicBA, Bosnia and HerzegovinaMC Member
Katarzyna WacCH, SwitzerlandMC Substitute
Kyriacos FelekkisCY, CyprusMC Member
Lars MaegdefesselSE, SwedenMC Member
Leopoldo Laricchia RobbioIT, ItalyMC Substitute
Lina Badimon MaestroES, SpainMC Substitute
Loredan Stefan NiculescuRO, RomaniaMC Substitute
Maarten VanhaverbekeBE, BelgiumMC Substitute
Manlio VinciguerraCZ, Czech RepublicMC Member
Maria do Carmo FonsecaPT, PortugalMC Member
Maria Toledo-RodriguezGB, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern IrelandMC Substitute
Mariann GyongyosiAT, AustriaMC Member
Marketa HlavackovaCZ, Czech RepublicMC Member
Markus ScholzDE, GermanyMC Member
Marthe ColotteFR, FranceMC Substitute
Matias TrbusicHR, CroatiaMC Substitute
Matthias HacklAT, AustriaMC Member
Maya SimionescuRO, RomaniaMC Member
Mehmet Birhan YilmazTR, TurkeyMC Member
Melissa FormosaMT, MaltaMC Substitute
Mitja LustrekSI, SloveniaMC Member
Monika BartekováSK, SlovakiaMC Member
Monika StollDE, GermanyMC Member
Morten Andre HoydalNO, NorwayMC Member
Natalija NovokmetHR, CroatiaMC Substitute
Niklas NielsenSE, SwedenMC Member
Octavian PopescuRO, RomaniaMC Member
Päivi LakkistoFI, FinlandMC Member
Peter BencsikHU, HungaryMC Substitute
Peter FerdinandyHU, HungaryMC Member
Przemyslaw LeszekPL, PolandMC Member
Rosienne FarrugiaGB, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern IrelandMC Substitute
Sabrina DanilinFR, FranceMC Member
Serdal ArslanTR, TurkeyMC Member
Shlomo SassonIL, IsraelMC Member
Soner DoganTR, TurkeyMC Substitute
Stefano ChimentiFR, FranceMC Substitute
Stephane HeymansNL, NetherlandsMC Member
Stephanie Bezzina WettingerIL, IsraelMC Substitute
Susana Novella (Carlos Hermenegildo group)ES, SpainMC Member
Thierry PedrazziniCH, SwitzerlandMC Member
Thomas ThumDE, GermanyMC Substitute
Timo BrandenburgerDE, GermanyMC Substitute
Timothy O'BrienIE, IrelandMC Member
Verica DjordjevicRS, SerbiaMC Substitute
Vesna DegoricijaHR, CroatiaMC Member
Wim AmmerlaanLU, LuxembourgMC Substitute
Yvan DevauxLU, LuxembourgChair
Zoltan VargaHU, HungaryMC Member
Cecile VindisFR, FranceMC Substitute
Johannes BacksDE, GermanyWG1 Participant
Anne Yaël NossentNL, NetherlandsWG1 Participant
Irina CarpuscaLU, LuxembourgMC Member and WG4 Participant
Evy BashiardesCY, CyprusWG1-3 Participant
Anna KeravnouCY, CyprusWG1 & WG3 Participant
Miron SopićRS, SerbiaMC Substitute
Alfonso T. Garcia-SosaEE, EstoniaMC Member
José M. Pérez-PomaresES, SpainWG1 Participant
Christoph DieterichDE, GermanyWG1 & WG2 Participant
Prashant Kumar SrivastavaGB, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern IrelandWG1 Participant
Louise Torp DalgaardDK, DenmarkMC Member
Albano Carlo MeliFR, FranceWG1-3 Participant
Alain LacampagneFR, FranceWG1-3 Participant
Katarzyna FIEDOROWICZPL, PolandMC Member
Mora Murri PierriES, SpainWG1 Participant
Konstantinos StellosGB, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern IrelandWG1 Participant
Wolfram DoehnerDE, GermanyWG1 Participant
Lutz HeinDE, GermanyWG1 Participant