Seasonal message from the EU-CardioRNA COST Action

Dear EU-CardioRNA colleague,
As the calendar year approaches its end, we want to firstly wish you all a very safe and hopefully enjoyable festive season.
Whilst this year has brought much unrest, stress and sadness to some, we hope you are feeling optimistic towards 2021, especially with the news of vaccination schemes commencing.
This year has also demonstrated the importance and value of an international network and the avenues of communication that we have taken full advantage to stay connected, both for professional and social purposes. We hope that our network has helped minimize any feelings of isolation and to keep you feeling connected and engaged during this pandemic.
We would really like to thank everyone for their strength, avid contributions to papers, grant proposals and in communicating with other network members this year. Examples of the accomplishments brought by working together and collaborating as a network during the pandemic this year include:
–       At least one multi-million EU grant, COVIRNA, which has now officially commenced
–       At least eleven manuscripts published on behalf of the EU CardioRNA network
– Launch of our first book, ‘Epigenetics in Cardiovascular Disease’ a project together with Elsevier publishing house, to be released March 1st 2021.
–       Our first virtual meeting CARDIORNA LIVE! back in September, which was attended by a total of 120 speakers and attendees from 34 countries including New Zealand, South Africa, Armenia, Brazil and Russia
This is to name a few examples only.
Bring on 2021! 
Stay safe and we look forward to meeting together again and continuing the great work. A heartfelt thank you and well wishes for the holiday season.

The CardioRNA Core team