TargetID – new program lead by our EU-CardioRNA colleagues at the University of Malta

TargetID will identify genes that regulate molecules that show deranged expression after SARS-Cov-2 infection, with the aim of finding suitable drug targets that will prevent COVID-19 induced cytokine storms. RNA-Seq and whole genome sequencing data will be generated from 1000 individuals and analysed using a combination of approaches. This project will lead to a number of high impact publications, and the data generated will be an invaluable resource for future grant applications.

The TargetID research group is a multidisciplinary team lead by our CardioRNA colleagues Stephanie Bezzina Wettinger, Rosienne Farrugia and Melissa Formosa.

The University of Malta has openings on an MCST COVID-19 R&D 2020 funded project: TargetID–“Novel Drug Targets for Infectious Diseases” carried out by the Dept of Applied Biomedical Science from the Faculty of Health Sciences, the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery and the Centre for Molecular Medicine and Biobanking.

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